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Punishment changes for underage alcohol sales

November 18, 2003

Albany - Stores that sold alcohol to underage customers will be punished by the state.

In the past, the City of Albany fined the store clerks, but now the cases will go before a Judge from the Department of Revenue. And, that may mean harsher punishment. "I have heard some first time offenders have gotten a fine from the state," said Commissioner Bob Langstaff. "And I know on the first round of hearing we the City had, we just gave warnings with no fines. So in some respects, the State's punishment would be considered stiffer. Only time will tell just how much stiffer."

All stores and restaurants that sell alcohol must now take a training course given by the city, which focuses on the severity of the punishment for clerks and store owners if they are caught selling to underage. If stores don't take the class and are later busted, they will not only face a state fine but also punishment by the city commission.

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