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Dougherty County student diagnosed with meningitis

November 17, 2003
Dougherty County- Custodians at Radium Springs Elementary School are wiping down desks, computers and anything else students may put their hands on.

This is one of the only precautions the school can take after learning a student has bacterial meningitis.

"At that point we prepared a letter and information sheet to go home to parents," said Jan Parker, the school's principal.

The letter tells parents the child has pneumococcal meningitis, the less serious type of the bacterial form. The student began showing symptoms on Friday. Since the bacteria's incubation period is 1 to 3 days, health department officials says it's unlikely other students can catch is now. Still, parents need to be alert.

"They just need to watch their children over the next few days. They need to be aware of any change in their behavior, symptoms," Parker said.

The main symptom to look for in these kids is fever and any other flu-like symptom. But there's no reason to keep students home from school.

"We've taken all the precautions that can possibly be taken, and if we knew anything else to do we'd do it."

Children are now immunized against meningitis. That vaccine has only been around a couple of years, and can only be given to children under five, so this student never got the vaccine.

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