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Hazardous tire pile slowly dwindles

November 17, 2003

Albany - A South Georgia family is happy to see more than a thousand old tires near their home are finally being cleaned up, but they won't be satisfied until the eye sore is gone.

Kimberly Goodman looks at a spot of empty land adjacent to her yard on Harris Road. "This vacant spot is where tires were once piled up," said Goodman.

Hundreds of old tires still remain, but land owner Barbara Turner started removing some of the tires over the weekend. "I'm happy that some of the tires are gone, but I wont be satisfied until they're all gone," said Goodman.

Turner is paying for the tires to be removed load by load. "The guy moving the tires this weekend said they couldn't do it all in one day. They told me they would be coming back periodically to remove the tires," said Goodman.

The Environment Protection Division of the DNR ordered Turner clear the land by October 10th or face a fine. But, the deadline passed. "These aren't her tires. Someone dumped them on her property without her knowledge. So we plan to work with her and not be heavy handed," said DNR Environmental Specialist Charles Turner.

Now, the EPD says Turner has filed for a 60 day extension and is coming up with a time table to remove the tires. But, Goodman still isn't satisfied. "I not satisfied with extension after extension. I want the EPD to go ahead and give her a deadline to get the tires out of here."

The EPD says it won't fine Turner as long as she continues to remove the tires. Until then, Goodman is left with an eye sore in her own back yard. And, Goodman says the tires are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. She asked Code Enforcement to have the County spray the area, but nothing had been done as of Monday.

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