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Update on assaulted couple

November 17, 2003

Albany -- Crime has long lasting effects on victims. An elderly Albany couple says they are scared to leave their home, after being beaten and robbed by two men. The couple is recovering from the physical wounds they suffered, but they still have emotional scars.

Carl and Gladys Sheffield say they are glad to be alive, but still worry that two men who beat and robbed them may come back. Carl Sheffield said "It's dangerous here, and I don't want to keep my wife in such a mess as here."

Two weeks ago 76-year-old Gladys walked in the door of her West Tift Avenue apartment after getting the mail. A man knocked her to the floor, beating her in the face. Then the man attacked 78-year- old Carl. Both were left bleeding. The only thing the robber took was a pack of cigarettes.

Today the bruises on their faces are better, but the Sheffields say they are still scared. They do not go outside. Gladys Sheffield said "We can't get out nowhere. Afraid that he might come back to see us. Might do the same thing over."

The Sheffield's say they will move from their apartment as soon as they can find a place they can afford. Carl said "I want to find a place if I can anywhere, where we will be a little safer. If I can. That's what I'm trying to do." Gladys said "It worrisome. You know he might come back and do the same thing over. We don't know."

Mrs. Sheffield's back and rib are still hurting. She says she will not feel better until they find a new home where they can feel safe.

No one has been arrested in this case. Dozens of people saw our report about the Sheffields and started a fund to help them pay for their medical bills.

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