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Senator Tim Golden calls it quits

November 17, 2003

Valdosta - After six years as Georgia's 8th District Senator, Tim Golden is calling it quits. "I want to focus more on family, friends, and finances," said Golden.

The big factor in his decision is a change in lifestyle, but also, a change in political party views. Golden says he's disappointed with the Senate Democratic Party.

"As Zell Miller said, the National Democratic party is drifting away from the views of the traditional southern conservative Democrats, and I think our state is heading that way," said Golden.

Over the past few years, Golden hasn't always voted with the Democrats, and sometimes sided with the Republican Party. "I've never understood why someone would get elected, go to Atlanta, park their brain at the door and let their party tell them how to vote," said Golden.

Waiting in line for Golden's senate seat is Representative Ron Borders. "I think its a natural progression, Tim had my position in the House before he moved to the Senate, we've worked together on many issues, and I know the concerns of this area," said Borders.

But unlike Golden, Borders isn't swayed between political parties. "I think Tim was more pulled that I am because in the Senate, the Republicans have the majority, but in the House where I am, its a more narrow margin," said Borders.

Senator Golden will serve out his term until January 2005. And even though he's getting out of politics, he ensures the people of the 8th District he'll continue to work for improvements in this area.

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