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Hidden recorder catches bus driver rant

Joshua Nolin Joshua Nolin

November 14, 2003

Moultrie-- A special needs bus driver in Colquitt County is caught on tape cursing and threatening a disabled student.

Terri Durden wired her son to get proof of the abuse he's suffered, and now she wants the bus driver fired.

Durden's son, Joshua Nolin, was afraid to ride the bus. "He was crying, shaking uncontrollably," said Durden.

The 12-year-old got on the Colquitt County special needs bus this morning. "I put my voice activated tape recorder in my son's coat," Durden said. "He's got ADHD, OCD and possibly teretts."

"I'm a time bomb and when I explode..." yells the bus driver on the tape. He caught the bus driver, Sandra Farrell, in action. Not only was Farrell using profanity in front of a bus load of disabled children. She threatened Durden in front of the kids.

Listen to this... Bus Driver: "Y'all better call her. Somebody better tell her, cause she better not open her mouth to me, cause I'm gonna put the brakes on this bus and I'm gonna know what I know."

Durden says she's complained to the Willie J. Williams principal several times, but no one can argue with this.

Remember she's talking to the kids. "You let her come to the door of this bus. I'm gonna show her something. When I get through with her she won't f*** with nary another one. Every bus she sees, she'll be scared of them." During the rant, Farrell even said her name on record. "...if my name ain't Sandra Farrell..."

Farrell drives the bus because the previous bus driver, Margaret Dixon, was arrested for accidentally leaving a disabled child on the bus in the summer heat.

"I can't believe they replaced the other bus driver with a person like this," said Durden. This mother has filed cruelty to children and threat complaints to sheriff deputies.

No charges have been made. In fact, this is probably the first time Farrell has heard herself caught on tape. C

Colquitt County Assistant School Superintendent Mickey Key heard the tape this afternoon. He has instructed Farrell and the monitor to report to his office first thing Monday morning.

Sandra Farrell started as a substitute driver in 1998, but is now full time. She was filling in on this route until another driver was hired to replace the ones who resigned in August.

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