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Prescribed burning helps wildlife

November 14, 2003

Grady Co. - With just the strike of a match, a fire can start that will burn everything in it's path. "It's a risky thing to do, you really have to be very, very cautious," says Kathleen Brady about prescribed burning. She's the Executive Director of Birdsong nature center and is in charge of prescribed burning.

"We use burning here at Birdsong every year in order to maintain our open fields or to create different habitats that we want for different species of wildlife," says Brady. She burns 80% of the grounds each year. If not, a lot of the wildlife in Birdsong, would not be here.

Brady says, "Fire was necessary to maintain these properties in order to have the kind of quail populations and the quality of land and quality of wildlife that were desired." And by burning the grounds she is using up fuel that a wildfire would feed on, destroying everything in its path.

Burning at Birdsong will begin in about two weeks, when the grass has dried out.

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