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Problems in Ellaville City Election?

November 14, 2003

Ellaville-- The losing candidate in a race for an Ellaville City Council seat says there were problems with the November 4th election. Charles Ellison filed a complaint in Schley County Superior Court on Monday. Now a Macon judge will hear his case.

Charles Ellison is not new to politics in Ellaville. He's run five times for various positions, "The following year in 1972 I ran for Mayor here in Ellaville and at that time I was the first black in the whole deep south that run for the office of Mayor, which today I'm very proud of."

Ellison has never won, and on November 4th, he lost the District 1 Post 2 seat to incumbent Samuel Wade--33 votes to 9. Ellison has filed a complaint, saying, among other things, that confusion over new voting districts prevented six people from voting that day. When asked, "Now those six votes would not have made a difference. You still would have lost." Ellison replied, "I know that but that's not the point it's what happened pertaining to the election."

In the complaint--Ellison claims current city council members Nathaniel Thorton and Samuel Wade traveled around on election day campaigning on Wade's behalf. He's also upset that he didn't receive his financial registration papers until seven days before the election. Lastly, Ellison cites voter confusion over the new district lines.

Probate Judge and Elections Superintendent Marie Giddens, says a few people were confused over the new districts, but no one was prevented from voting, "I saw no problems, no reason for his complaint."

Ellison has a problem--and he will address it, even though no matter the outcome, he still won't win the election, "Hey I've lost five times before. It's funny to me. I've lost five times before it's no big thing. But, they are not going to stop me from not only fighting for the rights of not only black people but all people in Ellaville."

There will be a hearing November 28th in Schley County Superior Court. According to Ellison, the six votes in question belong mostly to one family. Turns out the line between District 3 and District 1 is next to their home. Most everyone on their street is in District 3, which didn't vote that day. They are in District 1.

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