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BPS Principal reads from the roof

November 14, 2003

Nashville - Berrien Primary School Principal Elbert Powell is taking reading to a new level.  "Going up and down is the hardest part," said Powell.

He's climbed up on a 20-foot roof for a day of storytelling. "Reading is a huge incentive for our school this year and this is a way we can make it fun for students," said Powell.

It's literacy week at the school, and seeing their top leader go to such an extreme shows these students how important it is to read. "The more they see their parents and adults like me reading, the more they'll want to do it too," said Powell.

"I think it was a lot of fun to see him up there on top of the school reading to us," said Daniel Ganas.

Even with the cool and windy weather this morning, Powell says the view at the top is worth the lessons learned. "It's not hot, and really not too cold, so its really not that bad as you'd think," said Powell.

And even when literacy week ends, this school will keep going the distance to teach students the value of a good book.

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