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Barges return to Bainbridge

Willis Berry, Bainbridge Development Authority Willis Berry, Bainbridge Development Authority

November 13, 2003

Bainbridge - The barges are back, just not today. "Well it's been curtailed," says Willis Berry, with the Bainbridge Development Authority. "It's been severely curtailed because the water flow hasn't been dependable for barge traffic, or for the tow boats to push them through."

The barges only need about four feet of water to travel through, but the tug boats need around nine feet. Water that simply has not been available until recently. Berry says, "The water in draught periods is critical, it's gone down to the point where people have stopped using it or found alternatives, or just plain didn't do some of the business that they would have otherwise done."

But now the water is back, barge traffic is slowly picking up. Even if it is coming back at a very slow pace. "As long as we have the option," Berry says, "It is a definite enhancement to our economic development." An enhancement they've been waiting on for years. Willis says companies without their own docks, can use the facilities at the Bainbridge Port Authority to load and unload barges.

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