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Vienna hot stop off I-75

November 13, 2003

Vienna-- Vienna is becoming a hot stop off I-75. Crews are clearing this land for a new, multi-million dollar Travel Plaza. If everything goes as planned, this "Travel Plaza" off Exit 109 could mean a $70 million dollar investment in Dooly County.

So far, McDonald's has signed on, and a major hotel is considering moving in too. And get this--if the Indiana developer gets all the lots filled, this could create 600 to 700 jobs.

Crews are hard at work clearing 88 acres of land off the I-75 Vienna exit. "The rain slowed them down but this week they have really been moving some dirt, cutting timber, they are getting right along," Larry Kernell is the manager of Shorty's Quick Stop--a long-time staple at exit 109. The new travel plaza will be in his backyard.

Kernell says, "It's exciting to me. It's great. We need it. We need something to boost the economy and jobs. We need jobs because we've had businesses closing." Now new business is moving in--the plaza will at first offer gas, shopping, and food.

Dooly County Chamber Director Alex McCoy says, "This side of the interstate at Vienna has always been underdeveloped. It's great having some national firms looking at locating here." On the opposite side of the Interstate is the Big Pig Jig. And another development is in the works here--a Dooly County Convention Center.

Just this morning, the Crisp County-Dooly County Joint Development Authority agreed to sponsoria grant that will help pay for the center. McCoy says, "Many things are going on here that are postively affecting the quality of life positiveltizens of Dooly County." y

But the biggest thing now is this travel plaza. The inital investment is $5 million dollars-initiahe sky's the limit after that. The Travel Plaza is scheduled to open in the Spring with gas, retail and food. But the design has room for a couple hotels, resturants and other retail stores as welrest

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