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Merck announces layoffs

November 13, 2003

Dougherty County- One of Albany's largest manufacturing employers, Merck and Company, is laying off workers. It's part of Merck's company wide reorganization.

They won't say how many people they're laying off, but we're told they've already notified 40 top salaried employees that they're laid off and plan to cut more jobs of hourly workers.

Merck is making the cuts because of business competition. Merck's Organizational Development Manager, Judith Corbett said "It's across the board. We are looking at the total site operation, and how that work flow is. So it is across the board, it's no particular unit or department that is being impacted."

Merck's Flint River plant has 530 employees. There are no plans to eliminate any production at the plant.

Corbett said this is the first time the Albany Merck plant has laid off employees since opening in 1952.

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