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Staying alive in an armed robbery

November 13, 2003

Albany -- Albany Police say they are troubled after seeing three robbery victims fight back or resist armed robbers in the last couple of weeks. Police say the best way to survive an armed robbery, is to not fight back. 

 Lt. Kenn Singleton says "If you are the victim of an armed robbery, it is very important to stay calm and cooperate. The criminal is just as nervous as you the victim. Don't make him or her any more nervous, like screaming or fighting back. Give them what they want. That is the best way to keep a robbery from becoming more violent."

Last week a Dougherty County convenience store owner was injured when he grabbed the barrel of a rifle a robber held. The owner luckily suffered only cuts.

When a man entered Tate Liquor Store in East Albany with a rifle, a clerk charged, yelling at him. The robber ran away. The clerk said he just reacted, because it happened so quick.

 The store owner says that is not what he trains his employees to do. Store owner Joe Veean said "If it comes down to a choice between money or life, I choose life every time. Everything can be replaced, but life can not."

Police say if you are faced with a robber with a weapon, stay calm and give them your valuables.

Lt. Singleton said "Material things can be replaced, but we can't replace your life." Police say you can help catch a hold up man by observing him closely, and remembering features that could identify him.

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