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Worker at Albany plant injured

November 12, 2003

Albany -- A subcontractor at Procter and Gamble in Albany is badly hurt on the job. Jerry Smith, an employee with Metzo Paper from Atlanta, suffered broken bones when an industrial balloon he was working with ruptured.

 Smith was cleaning a vent duct about 15 feet above the floor, when the balloon ruptured. The force of the rupture caused an explosion, and blew Smith over inside the two foot wide pipe.

Albany Firefighters had to tie a rescue rope around Smith to lower him to the ground. Albany Fire Department Captain Pete Giddens said "We pulled him up through that hole in the pipe out of there. Then we lowered him to my two other men who were on the ground, Rob McKenzie and John Thompson. They put him on a back board and snaked him out through all those pipes. It was a mess, but within ten minutes we had him out of there."

Smith suffered broken bones in his elbow and finger, and several cuts. He underwent surgery last night, and is in fair condition.

Procter and Gamble spokesmen say this is the first person injured in the P&G plant in 16 months.

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