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Parents want dangerous bus stop to change

November 12, 2003

Mitchell County - A pick-up truck rear-ended a bus in Mitchell County. No one was seriously hurt in that wreck, but parents are worried that their children are being put in danger when the bus makes stops on the busy four-lane road.

Several Mitchell Baker high school students took the day off from school, but spent the day at the doctor's office. Eighteen-year-old Reginald Lockett says, "I was scared."

On Tuesday, Reginald saw a pick up truck heading straight for the back of the stopped school bus. He says, "When he ran into the bus the I was sitting in the last seat and that's what made me jump. I hurt my leg just a little bit and my neck, but I'm all right."

His mom, Michall Lockett, is furious. She says, "It's ridiculous they have to go on US 19 to get on that bus. All of those kids could have gotten killed."

Reginald and his three siblings were on the bus when it was hit at their bus stop on busy US 19 in Baconton. Mrs. Lockett adds, "I took three of them to the emergency room today." They had muscle spasms.

Truck driver, Dwayne Coker, reported the accident to 911. He says, "I've seen a lot of those buses stop on a major highway and on foggy mornings it really causes confusion."

Maxie Hayes' 15-year-old daughter, Kendra, hurt her back, neck and leg. These parents want the bus to stop inside their neighborhood. Hayes explains, "The bus was coming through, but she [bus driver] stopped because she said the roads were too bad."

Reginald plans to get back on the bus, meanwhile these parents plan on taking action.

We left two messages for the Mitchell County school superintendent, but the phone calls have not been returned as of Wednesday at 5:00PM.

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