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So. Ga. Dem shows discontent with party

November 12,  2003

(Atlanta-AP) -- Another Democratic official is criticizing his own party -- echoing recent comments made by Senator Zell Miller. A state senator from Valdosta -- Tim Golden -- declared his "disenchantment" with the direction of the Democratic Party yesterday.

 In his words, "They better heed Zell Miller's advice because he's right on target." Golden announced this week he will not seek a fourth term in 2004.

Golden identifies strongly with Miller -- describing himself as a conservative Democrat who's frustrated with the drift of the party away from the center. Golden tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he does not feel he had a place in the Senate Democratic leadership.

Miller angered Democrats when he endorsed President Bush for re-election last week and wrote a book critical of the party.

Golden originated the idea for the state sales tax holiday, chaired the Senate redistricting committee under Democratic rule and opposed an anti-predatory lending law that he said threatened mortgage lenders.

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