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Snipers rely on each other to win

November 11, 2003

Ft. Benning - It's a competition that entails shooting a target up to one thousand meters away, but you can't do it without precise planning, a good eye and a whole lot of teamwork.

Staff Sergeant Larry Davis tells the snipers, "All right gentlemen when the targets are in the air you are hot." Targets go up. You're a two man team. Army Sniper Marc Veen, explains, "The spotter does most of the work. All the shooter has to do is pull the trigger."

You reload and move on back. Competitor, Corporal Martin Bedard, says, "I think it's the best place in the Army. You always have to work as a team, two guys."

These men are snipers from around the world. Bedard adds, "We're from Quebec Canada, French Canadian."Bedard and his partner are competing against 21 teams at Ft. Benning. Davis says, "The goal is to obtain the highest score which is a 100 points."

These snipers go back as far as a thousand meters and this isn't just for the Army, three sniper teams are with the Air Force. Tech Sergeant Chad West says, "You've got to be in your own little world. You have to be focused."

The shooter relies on the spotter. West says, "[The spotter] has to know the wind, the light, the conditions, the temperatures."

Most American snipers spend up to four years maximum with their partner, but that's not the case for some of the international teams. Davis says, "It's harder on us [Americans] to try to establish a good sniper team when you've got guys like this [Bedard who has] seven, eight, nine, 10 years together."

These snipers work as a team, but there's also a great amount of individual pride. West laughs, "Just bragging rights. You're a better shooter than the rest of the guys out there."

Bedard took bragging rights home to Canada two years ago. The competition will cease fire on Saturday.

This year was Ft. Benning's third annual international sniper competition.

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