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State court overturns murder conviction

November 10, 2003
Atlanta- The Georgia Supreme Court overturned the murder conviction Monday of a Randolph County businessman in an arson-for-hire case.

The court said the state proved Raymond F. Everritt participated in a conspiracy to burn down his own gas station in Shellman to collect insurance money, but failed to prove he was part of a conspiracy later to kill one of the arsonists, Roosevelt Cox.

Cox was killed in 1992. Everritt was charged and convicted nine years later.

In its summary of the case, the Supreme Court said Everritt was experiencing financial problems and agreed to pay James McDuffie $5,000 to burn down the station. McDuffie hired Cox to help him.

To silence him, McDuffie lured Cox into his shop in 1992 and killed him with an ax, disposing of the body in some woods, the court said.

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