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Golden Corral thanks veterans

November 10, 2003
Albany- Franklin Brown is collecting money for disabled veterans.

It's not a hard job here because he's surrounded by people who understand.

This is military appreciation night at the Golden Corral. Veterans of all ages lined up outside waiting on a free meal. Each year around Veterans Day, Golden Corrals across the country heat up the buffet and feed thousands of people who've spent time protecting us. These veterans know it's a meal well deserved.

"For all the trials and tribulations veterans have been through, this lets them know they are still appreciated," said Ray Moses, while waiting in line for dinner.

"As veterans, I'm a Vietnam veteran, I think that the public should understand that we actually fought for our country," said Ronald Settle, another veteran waiting on his meal.

They often go overlooked, but not here. From patriotic cupcakes to endless pans of banana pudding, these rations were prepared especially for them.

"If it don't say anything but thank you veteran, it makes that veteran feel good," Brown said.

And they can leave feeling good and feeling full, knowing they're appreciated and knowing they're also helping they're fellow veterans.

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