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Deer season heats up with cooler weather

November 10, 2003

Lee County -- Deer hunting has been slow during the first month because of the unseasonably warm weather. But as the weather cools, hunters are bagging more prize deer. And wildlife biologists say the next month will be when deer will be most active.

Jack Hall takes two deer and a wild boar to Country Jack's meat processor. It's been a busy couple of days at the cooler, as they dress and prepare more than 100 deer.

Country Jack's owner Jack Mitchell said "With the cold weather it finally kicked in, and maybe it will just get colder and we'll be doing more work."

The unusually warm weather has kept most deer movement down. But now the rut, or breeding season is beginning. Wildlife Biologist Steve Ruckel said "This brings them out, moving around. The cool weather seems to get them moving too. The next two or three weeks should be really good. This is our best hunting."

Next weekend should be one of the busiest of the hunting season. The deer population is large, and more hunters should be out. Country Jack will be ready to make deer chops and sausage. "When you start pushing toward Thanksgiving, that's your busiest time of the deer season."

In North Georgia, Sharpshooters will be called in to kill more than 100 deer in Red Top Mountain State Park. It's part of a program to thin a deer population that state officials say is eating up the park's vegetation.

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