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Age not an obstacle for education

November 7, 2003
Albany- At the age of 84, Jimmie Wall is proving she's young enough to learn anything she puts her mind to.

"If you can think and you can read, then just do it," Wall said.

For the past year, her mind has been focused on getting her GED. After raising four children and spending almost 30 years as a beautician, Jimmie's family encouraged her to go back to school.

"I think she went back because we kept encouraging her, but I think anybody at any age can get an education to improve themselves," said Sara Kofoed, Wall's daughter. "Education is so important."

Friday night, she reaped the benefits of plenty of studying and lots of hard work.

"I didn't do bad for an old person," she said.

At Albany Technical College's awards ceremony this week, her efforts got the recognition they deserved, including a student of the year award and a congressional certificate from U.S. Representative Sanford Bishop.

"My teacher called me her star student all the time."

She's proud of her newfound knowledge, but what she hopes most is that along the way she encouraged another student to keep going.

"If I inspire one person, it'd be worth me going to school."

Because Wall's wise enough to know it's the mind that will get her and these other graduates where they want to go.

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