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Employee fired for selling IDs with False Info

November 7, 2003

Thomasville - Having your wallet stolen can put you in a bind. Your license, credit cards, all of your identification is suddenly gone, but you still have to prove your identity to the DMVS, unless you can payoff a license examiner for an ID. Investigators with the GBI say that's exactly what they did.

Special Agent in Charge, Ronnie Thompson says, "When we purchased from her she charged us $100.00 for a Georgia ID and then an additional $100.00 for the driver's license."

40-year old Debbie Ann Brooks worked as a license examiner for a little over a year. She was arrested yesterday for selling ID's with fraudulent information to an undercover officer.

Thompson says, "The licenses and the ID that we purchased, we purchased in bogus names, and the employee knew that they were bad names."

He says having a false id, gives people too much dangerous power. "Anytime you give someone the capability of being who they're not," says Thompson, "And it makes it easier for them to commit fraud, commit any kind of crime that they want." Crime that he doesn't want to see in Thomasville.

Brooks is being held at the Thomas County Jail on a $6500 bond. She has been charged with violation of oath of office and one count of forgery in the first degree. She has also been fired from the Department of Motor vehicle safety.

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