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Special Olympic Winter Games

By Scott Hunter

November 7, 2003

Albany-- Special Olympians are athletes with big dreams and even bigger hearts. For them, winning is secondary, the primary focus is on having fun and giving it their all. They competed in the winter games Friday at Albany State University.

16 year old Kesha Favors loves the court, not just making baskets, but cheering on the sidelines. Kesha says she likes cheerleading best. Kesha has a learning disability. She has been competing in the Special Olympics since she was 13. Her father says it helps her in more ways then one.

"She likes to compete but more especially she like to meet the other kids and she will remember all probably all of the name of the names ," say Aaron Favors.

Kesha is one of 300 hundred athletes who came to play or cheer Friday's games.

 Athletes  learned important lessons about team work and friendship and so are volunteers. "It's motivating for me for to see them come out to the event and do well," says volunteer, Delacia Tolbert. "It's just an honor because there are a lot of children that want to be able to do things like normal students but they just can perform at there best ability".

The next Special Olympics competition in Albany will be held March 26th. If you would like to find out more information or you want to volunteer call 431-1313.

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