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South Georgia cotton crop could be best ever

November 7, 2003

Lee County -- It is cotton harvest time in South Georgia, and it's a bumper crop. In fact some experts are saying this may be the finest cotton crop ever in this area.

 That's good news for farmers, after struggling through drought for five years. " I think this is going to be the best crop I've ever had, overall." Jason Wiggins is proud to show off his cotton crop. He plans to harvest this field in the next few days. "I think we're all smiling right now if we can get it out of the field, and have a good harvest. Which we have up until this point. And it looks like the weather is going to hold out."

Wiggins planted three thousand acres of cotton, and his yield looks great. "We're going to be somewhere around two bales or better. I've heard some growers up around 15 or 16 hundred pounds." Wiggins is not alone. Most South Georgia farmers have excellent cotton crops. Some say it's best quality and yield ever. What makes that even better, the price for cotton is also up.

USDA agent Hank Hammond said "With the prices up in the high 60's. Last year the price was in the high 30's. So we have some encouragement out there."

 A profitable crop is welcome to Jason Wiggins, after tough years of drought. "We had a real tough year last year. It's going to help us fight out of the hole. So we need a good year."

Good news for Wiggins and Georgia. Agriculture is the Peach State's number one industry. Good profitable cotton crops like this will do a lot to boost the entire state's economy.

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