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Dangerous curve in Doublegate

November 6, 2003
Albany- The high speed chase that came down East Doublegate Drive late Wednesday night wasn't all that different than the cars that speed around this curve every day.

"It's not a bad curve for somebody going this speed," said Corinne Flanigan, who lives on the street.

Most cars are going faster. And Flanigan's had her property damaged by speeders before.

"I didn't know it, didn't hear it. I just found all that shrubbery in their driveway the next morning," she said, pointing to a flower bed across the yard. Her next door neighbors have replaced their mailbox twice for the same reason.

It was around 10 p.m. when 22-year-old Kemona Arline of Albany was spotted in this gray Cadillac speeding into the Wendy's parking lot on Slappey Drive. After continuously trying to hit a woman, Arline was chased by Albany Police to East Doublegate Drive. When he sped off the curve, he hit a tree in Flanigan's yard, backed up and drove over the bushes.

"The mailbox and everything was laying all out here in three different pieces," she said.

Arline is in the Dougherty County Jail charged with two counts of aggravated assault, 16 traffic violations, and DUI.

The city has looked at putting a stop sign close to here before, but decided to put it farther down the road. The people who live here can ask the city to reconsider.

"If there still seems to be a need in the neighborhoods, then we'll go back and look at other locations as a possibility," said Bob Alexander, director of engineering for the city of Albany.

Knowing a stop sign is waiting, may keep drivers from speeding up at all.

"I think that people would soon become aware that it's there and knowing that they're going to have to stop and they can't come flying off of Old Dawson Road," she said.

Then maybe Flanigan and her neighbors could feel a little safer on their own street.

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