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Grady County is ready for a disaster

November 6, 2003

Cairo - Emergency crews created a full-scale emergency, treating almost two dozen patients, so if a situation like this ever does happen, they will be prepared.

RN Nellie Kifer says, "We're having our disaster drill this afternoon. It involved an air conditioning falling through the roof of one of our local doctor's offices."

Fire crews were on the scene as were extra nurses and doctors.

Dr. Kimberly Harbin says, "Just because we're a small community, we don't have as many resources as some of the people in bigger places with big trauma centers. But our job is to make sure we do what we can on the scene and here in the hospital and get them were they need to be as quick as possible, and I think we do a good job at that."

Do the patients agree? "I was waited on very quickly," says "victim" Dorothy Henderson. She says, "All the personal came very quickly to see about me."

So it looks like this town will be ready for anything. Another emergency drill is scheduled for Thomasville on Thursday evening.

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