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Thieves come out during holidays

November 6, 2003

Albany -- The Holidays are time for joy and good cheer. But unfortunately it is also the time for thieves.

Albany Police say that thefts go up dramatically as holiday shopping gets underway. For many in South Georgia, Holiday shopping season is here. Police are warning you that thieves know it is too.

 Shoppers with their arms loaded with packages, leaving them in their cars, can become easy targets for crime. Lt. Kenn Singleton of the Albany Police Department said "A lot of times if they are doing a lot of shopping, they may leave the packages inside the vehicle itself. Purses under the seat, things like that. Have a lot of money on their person. Use their credit cards and get careless with the receipts."

Albany Police are stepping up their presence in shopping areas, with their horse patrol and officers on four wheelers. They hope their presence will keep away thieves. But you can take steps to safeguard you and your property.

Lt. Singleton said "Always be aware of what's going on around you. A lot of times we have the tendency to let our guard down. As far as carrying large amounts of money, we don't need to do those things."

Another criminal activity that increases during the Holidays, confidence schemes. Con artists are already being seen around Albany. Lt. Singleton said "we've already seen some of that type of incidents taking place. Here again, people need to be careful. Something I like to say, if it seems like you are going to something for nothing, that's probably want you are going to get. Nothing."

Crooks know that Holiday shopping season means hurried people with valuable items. Staying alert can be the best safeguard against thieves.

Albany Police say that home break ins also increase during the holiday period. They remind you to keep your doors locked to avoid thieves in your home as well.

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