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Albany man arrested after high speed chase

November 6, 2003

Albany -- An Albany man faces nearly two dozen charges after leading police on a wild car chase through two counties Wednesday night.

22 year old Kemona Arline of Albany is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, 16 traffic violations, and DUI.

Around ten O-clock Wednesday night, Albany Police spotted this gray Cadillac speeding into the Wendy's parking lot on Slappey. The car veered toward a woman walking in the parking lot, hit a car in the drive-thru lane, then sped back around the Wendy's again, swerved at the same woman again and hit the same car again. 

 Police chased the car to East Doublegate Drive then to Doublegate Country Club where the suspect drove across the golf course.

Officers finally stopped the car on Hidden Hill Court, and Arline was arrested. He is in the Dougherty County jail.

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