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Elderly couple victims of home invasion

November 5, 2003

Albany-- The defenseless, elderly couple was robbed and beaten-- for a pack of cigarettes. Now they plan to leave the apartment they just moved into two months ago.

Gladys Sheffield's eye is swollen shut, and she can barely see. "Oh Lord, it hurt me. It's hurting now."

The 76-year-old woman and her 78-year-old Husband Carl were attacked in their West Tift Avenue home Monday afternoon. As she walked inside from getting the mail, a man followed her and pushed his way into their home.

Mrs. Sheffield said "They knocked me down and started beating on me. Then they hit him. We were so bloody, when the ambulance came."

Her husband Carl also bears scars from the attack. "He hit with the chair, I guess. Something hard up side of my head. Then he tried to take my walker and start hitting me with that."

After beating the Sheffields, the robber snatched cigarettes and ran. Carl said, "I ain't got no money. Not a bit. If I did he would have taken that, I guess that's what they were after."

The Sheffields have lived in Albany 40 years. But now they say they will move from their home. "You don't know who will be next. You don't know if he won't come back again. You never know," Carl said.

Both the Sheffields are in a great deal of pain following the attack, but this assault has hurt them in other ways. They have medical bills to pay, and don't know where they will go. Mrs. Sheffield said, "They ain't got no business hitting old people, and knocking them around."

The Sheffield's say they know criminals often prey on senior citizens, because they are easy targets. Police are looking for two black men in their late 20's or early 30's, but no arrests have been made.

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