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Store owner makes a stand

Ravindravhait Patel's cut hand was bandaged by EMT's Ravindravhait Patel's cut hand was bandaged by EMT's

November 5, 2003

Albany-- As the two men wrestled over a rifle, a shot is fired.

Just after nine this morning, a man with a .22 caliber rifle tried to rob the Petro Store on Cordele road in East Albany.

He shoved the barrel of the rifle into the store owners face, but the owner fought back.

Forty-year-old Ravindravhait Patel struggled with the robber, and the .22 went off. He wasn't shot, but his hand was cut by the sight on the end of the rifle.

Jerry Bynum walked into the store during the robbery. "I heard the guy talking read loud. I started to the counter, and saw the guy behind the counter with him. Then I saw the rifle stock come up behind the counter. It scared me, so I went back outside and got back into my car and went back to my trailer across the street and called the Police."

After struggling with Patel, the robber grabbed cash from the register and ran out of the store.

John Aldridge was outside the store, when it happened. "Then I saw a blue car fly through here. That's all I saw."

The robber grabbed a handful of cash on his way out of the store, then jumped into a Blue Honda, and sped away.

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