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Playing through pain

November 4, 2003

 Thomasville-- As the starting running back on the number one team in the state, Thomas County Central's Moses Cochran faces adversity every week. But in last Friday's region game against Bainbridge, Cochran confronted a different challenge.

The senior was thrust into the quarterback position, when Erik Walden went down with a knee injury. "I was shocked when Erik got hurt and then I had to go in. I was worried whether I could step up to the plate or not," Cochran said.

He responded by rushing for 145 yards, two touchdowns and throwing his first ever touchdown pass. "Yeah, I don't know. That was a fluke, that's what I think," Cochran added. "It was remarkable, it really was the way he played," Central head coach Ed Pilcher said.

What's even more remarkable is the fact that less than 24 hours before kickoff, part of Cochran's house was destroyed by a fire. "I didn't know if my mom or dad was in there, because I wasn't home. I didn't know who was home, so I thought whoever was in there was still in there," Cochran said.

Luckily Moses' mother and neice, the only two people home at the time, escaped without injury. "You can replace material stuff, I've been hearing that all week, but you can't replace somebody's life. I'm glad noone got hurt."

Cochran debated on whether or not to play in Friday's game, but decided in the end that football would be the best way to get his mind off the damage to his house. "I wasn't think about it at all on the field, I was just out there having fun."

 "It allowed him to be a kid again and do those things he enjoys. And then when the game's over then he can go back and deal with what he's got to deal with," Pilcher said.

And when it comes to dealing with adversity, Moses Cochran always seems to come out on top.

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