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Learn how to make a movie

November 4, 2003

Colquitt - You probably don't think of rural south Georgia as a haven for movie-making, but a television production company in one small town is teaching the art of making a movie.

Camera's are rolling and lights are shining bright. Director, Ralph Wilcox, says, "Here we are in Colquitt, Georgia."

Wilcox started his dream at a Thomasville studio. He explains why he moved, "Nobody was hearing me, so I started going around to different counties."

His crew believed in him and moved with him to Miller County. Eighteen-year-old Christi Seawright says, "I decided I was coming down here too."

Through Henny Penny Productions Wilcox teaches young people, like Seawright, how to follow their own dreams. She points to the actress and says, "I'm doing prosthetic makeup, I'm putting a burn on her arm."

The teenagers are learning how to make movies as a team. Eighteen-year-old Jacob Dean is taking a turn at the audio board. He says, "I like sound and voices. The different tones and how it goes."

The Colquitt studio has more space and more support, bringing Hollywood to south Georgia. Wilcox says, "The next step is, once you gather the information, to market it to sell it."

Wilcox was appointed Film Commissioner for the southwest Georgia region. He hopes his vision will create a television future for these teens and south Georgia.

Henny Penny is a non-profit training subsidiary of Schuster's Cash.

The founder of Swamp Gravy, Joy Jinks, was a key player in getting the production company to relocate to Colquitt, Georgia.

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