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I.R.S. tries to deliver refunds

November 4, 2003

Albany -- More than 110 people in Albany have Child Tax Credit or Tax refund checks coming to them. Time is running out to claim those Child Tax Credit payments. The Internal Revenue Service wants you to check to see if you have money coming to you.

Michelle Satterfield and her husband Scott were on the I.R.S. list, saying they had an undelivered refund check. She called to check. The Satterfields moved to Lee County in April. They received their tax refund and Child Tax Credit for one of their children, but Michelle decided to check with the I.R.S. because she did not receive the credit for her other child. It was not an easy call.

Satterfield said she "loves automated machines." Michelle spent about twenty minutes, having to dial two or three times. Satterfield said " Now I have to call 1-800-829-0582 because this number that they have given me can not provide any information."

Finally she got a living person to help. "I'm calling about an undelivered advance child tax credit check." It turned out the Satterfield's eighteen year old daughter is too old to get the tax credit, but she was glad to have checked. "It was definitely worth my time to check it. Four hundred dollars would have been a big deal for Christmas."

The I.R.S. has a list of 114 Albany taxpayers who may have undelivered tax refunds, worth more than $49,000. I.R.S. Spokesman Mark Green said "most of it is just address changes. Other reasons individuals don't claim their refunds is death, incarceration, as well as individuals who just totally forget."

To check to see if your name is on the I.R.S. tax refund list, call 1-800-829-1040, or visit their website . Green said, "Soon as we can get the correct information, we can send the check on it's way."

You have until December 5th to claim your child tax credit, or you will have to wait until you file next year. In all, the I.R.S. has checks for 7,800 Georgians they have not delivered, worth more than $4.1 million.

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