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Valdosta students learn American values

November 4, 2003

Valdosta - Students at S.L. Mason Elementary are revisiting the past. Alexander Graham Bell, Harriet Tubman, and George Washington are teaching them how lucky they are to be an American.

"We started the program after 9/11, and we wanted to teach them how great it is to be from the U.S.A., what principles our country was founded on, and how we came to be where we are today," said Brent Parker, SIFE Student.

The program is called "Celebrating American Values," and is put on by VSU's Students in Free Enterprise. Through reading, and hands-on activities, students learn how these American legends helped shape our country. "Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and if we didn't have it, we wouldn't be able to communicate with each other," said Catilya English, Student.

"Kids love costumes, so they really get into the characterization and pay more attention than they would in a normal lecture," said Parker.

It's a fun way to help kids gain a new appreciation for the American way of life.

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