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Thomas County Transit is growing

November 3, 2003

Thomasville - County Commissioner Elaine Mays has been fighting for a public transportation system for Thomasville since 1974, now that we have one, she says, "I feel wonderful, because it's been such a need. No matter who you talk to that has worked on this, they just say this is really truly the best thing that has happened because it meets the needs of so many people."

So many people, in fact, they can't accommodate all the passengers. They're having to add four new buses to the system next year. Danny Saturday is the Director of Operations for MIDS (who operates the system). He says, "Thomasville and Thomas County Transit is far more utilized than any of the other five transit systems that we operate in South Georgia."

They've even had to use some of their own vehicles to transport Thomas County residents. "The response has just been phenomenal far as the public aspect of this. From the day we started back in December last year, the phones have been nonstop, you know, everybody wanting to ride and ask about our service, and I can really say it's been utilized by the citizens of Thomas County."

Mays says she's thrilled about being able to help so many people. "If you were going to measure it from 1-100, I would say 120%. It's just been fabulous." And she believes it will continue to be.

The transit system takes reservations for rides 24 hours in advance. To make a reservation call 228-0792.

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