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Horror Movie Casting Call

November 3, 2003

Lumpkin-- Ever wanted to be on the big screen?  Here's you chance to be in a Hollywood movie without ever leaving Southwest Georgia.

You don't see cars here, or power lines. There is no running water. But, this town frozen in time is the set for a new Hollywood horror flick called "2001 Maniacs."

"Oh I'm really excited. We kind of get stuck in our 1850 around here with our life with no wheels," says Patty Cannington the Public Relations Director at Westville Village--the 1850's living history museum in Lumpkin.

There are no signs of movie crews right now--but come Wednesday, it's lights camera action.  1st Assistant Director Todd Turner says, "Here at Westville they'll be able to come and watch us as long as they have the movie etiquette of being quiet when the cameras are rolling and of course no flash photography."

The movie crews have to eat. And Michelle's Restaurant in Lumpkin is happy to oblige. Resturant Assistant Manager Christy Taylor says, "They won't actually be coming in here we will be taking our food to them on site at Westville, three meals a day six days a week."

This diner--the only one in town--will be feeding more than 70 people on the set a day. And you could be one of them. Patty Cannington says, "Oh yeah, they are looking for 300 volunteers to be in street scenes and things like that." So if Hollywood is calling-- this could be your shot at stardom. At the very least, maybe you'll get a free lunch.

The "2001 Maniacs" is a remake of the 1964 horror film "2000 Maniacs" and stars Robert Englund, who played Freddie Kreuger in all seven "Nightmare on Elm Street movies." If you want to be an extra, call the Westville Village at (888) 733-1850 for more information.

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