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Siblings make public safety family affair

November 2, 2003

Albany- Albert Hayslip, Junior has been fighting fires in Dougherty County for 17 years.

"It's really an exciting job and I have a really good crew and the personnel we have at the fire department we're all family oriented," he says.

He may be close to his comrades, but he's got an even closer to tie to the Albany police department.

"They say we look a lot alike. I don't see it but they say we do. I think I'm a lot cuter," jokes Cpl. Andrew Hayslip.

"Age before beauty," Albert fires back.

Cpl. Andrew Hayslip says people often get he and his old brother confused, and with their younger sister now working for Dougherty County EMS, there aren't too many emergencies a Hayslip won't be called to.

"The police officer he's pretty low key, but the fireman is more of a protector," says Dougherty County EMT Renea Hayslip-Clay.

"She told me she needed a street book and I said all you've got to do is follow the fire truck because we study streets all the time," says Albert.

"I guess we have the whole area covered as far as public safety goes," says Andrew.

And they say that's brought them even closer.

"There's more to talk about because they've seen a lot more than I have, and they can give me more pointers working with the public," adds Renea.

But having three children who are often on the front lines of danger and emergencies keeps their mother Alice on edge.

"It's a great concern for a mother because we're a very close family," admits Alice Hayslip Robinson.

Still she's proud of her children, and supports any profession they choose no matter how dangerous. She says she's not surprised 3 of the six chose to work in public safety.

"Treat people like you want to be treated and if someone needs your help along the way you do the best you can in helping others. That's one thing I always instilled in my children when bringing them up."

Whether they follow in their parents footsteps or not that's one lesson the Hayslips will pass on to their own children.

One of the Hayslips' nephews is thinking about a career as a policeman or firefighter.

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