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Koinonia celebrates 60st anniversary

November 1, 2003

Americus- Koinonia Farms is rich with history. It's founder Dr. Clarence Jordan began the interracial Christian Cooperative 61 years ago, but Residents say is more than just a farm.

"It's a spirit and you have to work to keep the spirit alive. The Jordan spirit won't go away it seems; it's a magical thing," says resident board member, David Castle.

For years, volunteers of all races and religions, have come to Koinonia, worked on the farm, and become a community. Each year they are invited back to share their stories and experiences.

"Some people that are here today I haven't seen in 7 or 8 years. So, its a great experience to catch up and find out what each other's been doing since then," says 8 year volunteer and board member, Geoffrey Hennies.

Keeping the spirit of the farm alive hasn't always been easy. During the 50's and 60's the farm was the target of racial hatred by those who disliked the idea of a colorblind community. That's when Jordan wrote to Dr. Martin Luther King for help.

A 46 year old letter written back to Koinonia was recently discovered. In itM, King praises the efforts of Jordan and says the Koinonia community had been in his prayers.

"Clarence had a movement and King had a movement, and if they were alive here today and were talking it would be Martin Luther King's dream and Clarence's dream fulfilled," claims Chaplain, Norris Harris.

A dream volunteers at Koinonia say lives within their hearts.

The letter from Dr. Martin Luther King is included in the King Papers Project. A 14 volume collection of sermons, speeches, and manuscripts written by King.

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