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Tom Joyner Morning Show draws thousands

October 31, 2003

Albany- Nearly 4,000 people lined the outside of the Albany Civic Center waiting patiently for the doors to open, but no matter how long the wait everyone wanted their chance to make it into the largest free party in Southwest Georgia.

Nationally syndicated radio personality and philanthropist Tom Joyner brought the city alive. His live broadcast is heard by nearly 8 million listeners across the country.

"I listen to him every morning between 6 and 10 on V-105," says Anne Jones.

Listeners not only came for the party, but also came to see a man they admire.

"He's very influential to the black community and he has a lot of positive things to say about the black community, so he's very encouraging," says Cassandra Stevens.

"Tom is doing great things in the black communities. He has all kinds of scholarships and programs," adds Sergio Cordoba.

"What we're trying to do now is work with schools and figure out ways to keep the doors open because what's the point of raising money for students to stay in school if the doors are not going to be open," explains Joyner.

This morning alone he raised over $115,000 for Albany State students. He says his formula for gathering support is simple, just keep the people laughing.

"We figure if we can get people laughing then we've got people listening. If we've got people listening then we can feed them information and hopefully that information will motivate them to make a change in their community."

If you missed your chance to see Tom Joyner Friday morning you can catch him at the Albany State homecoming parade. Joyner will be the grand marshal.

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