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South Georgians get lost to find money for special boy

October 30, 2003
Dougherty County- For many of us, Halloween is about scary screams and plenty of night fright.

 But for 4-year-old Easton Blanchard, it means extra cash through some fun fundraising. All the money spent to wander through this haunted maze will go to help Easton's family with extra expenses. Easton has muscular distrophy.

Medicaid picks up much of the tab because of his disability, but there are plenty of payments left over.

"As far as other supplies that we need that Medicaid doesn't cover or we can't get from CMS, we have to come together as a family and pay for," said Easton's mother Heather Adams.

 So spending a couple of bucks for a few panicky moments is a cheap way to have a lasting impact.

"That's all you can really do is say thanks, but nobody well ever really understand how much or how thankful you are for something like that."

Because for this family, Easton is the heart that keeps them beating.

"This is our life. This is what we were dealt with and we're going to continue to deal with it," said his father Brian Blanchard.

And by winding your way through this freaky forest, you're helping Easton make his way through the maze of life.

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