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Calf born with two heads

October 30, 2003

Cairo - As a cattle farmer, he delivers calves on a regular basis, but Cole Prince has never seen anything like this. "It was just a freak thing that happened," he says.

Late last night Prince delivered a calf with two heads. Prince says, "I didn't know what to think. I called everybody I knew to call." But unfortunately, this calf didn't survive.

Veterinarian Dr. Jimmy Clanton says, "It would be unusual to see that, but it would be even more unusual if it were alive and you were able to save it or it was able to stand or nurse, that would be unusual."

Clanton adds, "The cells just didn't divide like they should have. Instead of winding up with two heads and two bodies you wind up with one head and two bodies, or two heads and one body, but it is definitely a mutation."

And an experience that Cole Prince isn't soon to forget.

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