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Son shoots father in Webster County

Katrina Muff Katrina Muff
John Muff (Source: Sumter Co. Sheriff's Office) John Muff (Source: Sumter Co. Sheriff's Office)

October 29, 2003

By Scott Hunter

Webster County-- Investigators say John Muff was trying to break up a fight between his father and his sister, when his father went for a knife. So the 24-year old Muff went to his car, got a gun, returned, and shot his father four times.

"I loved my father," said Katrina Muff. The father gunned down right in front of her by her brother.

She and her brother went to their father's house to break up a fight between their parents. But her father turned on her. "He slapped me in my face and started punching me, say Katrina.

He even threatened to kill her. "He dragged me outside and said he was going for a knife and said 'someone is fixing to die.'"

So her Katrina's brother stepped in. "I did not see my brother go to the car and get his gun. But the next thing I know I see my daddy falling on the ground were he was crying," said Katrina.

Fifty-six-year old Vannie Lee Muff was shot four times and collapsed on the ground. Katrina Muff says this was not the first time domestic violence had been a problem at their home.

She says the relationship between her mother father and her was a rocky one. "My dad and my sister had got into it before. The police just came out. They went home, momma just took her on home," says Demetria Green, Katrina's sister.

That's why they say this killing wasn't murder, but self defense. "He was trying to protect me. It was going to be me or my daddy, one of them was going to be dead."

And now after dealing with the loss of a father they have to now prepare a for the difficult trial of their brother.

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