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School board spends money on potential school site

October 29, 2003
Albany- After all the hoopla over the proposed site for a new school in Northwest Albany, the school board is now taking a hard look at other locations for the school.

Wednesday, the board agreed to spend some money on this site on Gillionville Road across from the YMCA sports park. They're paying one thousand dollars earnest money to reserve a lot that touches the property.

That would allow the school to have a back exit. If they decide to buy the property, that piece of land could cost up to more than $30,000.

"If we go ahead with that site, and nothing has been decided yet, we've taken an option to buy a small lot of land, about an acre in size that would give us a rear exit that would eventually empty out onto Byron Plantation Road to give us a small rear exit," said Robert Lloyd, finance director for the school system.

Board members have backed off an earlier plan to build the school on Home Drive because of outcry from the community and reports that show it's the least feasible of the three possible sights. Home Drive is still on the list as is a site on Locket Station Road.

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