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Food stamp fraud

October 29, 2003

Albany -- Food stamp fraud continues to be a problem in Southwest Georgia, and the courts are making sure people pay back overpayments they received.

Tomeka Moses has been sentenced to serve ten days in jail, if she does not pay back 15 thousand dollars she owes the Department of Human Resources. Moses has not made a payment repaying the overpayments in two years.

She has until November 14th to make a first payment of 263 dollars, or she will have to serve the jail time.

Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges said he will continue to keep the pressure on people charged with food stamp fraud to pay back the money they owe. "They took money they were not entitled too. We need to make sure that the state gets that back, because it's the taxpayers money. We are intent on doing that."

Hodges says the threat of jail time has greatly increased the repayment rate of people who defrauded the food stamp program.

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