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Halloween is not Kids Play

October 28, 2003

Albany - Trick-or-treaters won't be the only ones in costume this Halloween. More adults are dressing up and heading to parties. After all, it's the only day of the year where adults can act like kids and get away with it.

A click of the mouse helped Kevin Davis and his girlfriend Mandy find the perfect Halloween costumes. "We decided to go as the Spartan Cheerleaders. We looked online to make sure our costumes were realistic," said Davis.

The couple then spent hours cutting and gluing to make the Spartan Cheerleader uniforms look like the originals from the Saturday Night Live skit. "It took us about 4 hours for each shirt. Mandy used felt and a lot of glue on the shirts."

Last year the couple won Harvest Moon's costume contest with their Ike and Tina Turner costumes. Harvest Moon owner Bo Henry says adults go batty about the holiday more than kids.

"It a time when adults can relax and letting down their hair. I'm amazed at the costumes every year. They really go all out," said Henry. Kevin calls the cheerleader uniforms a labor of love which he hopes will win the couple another Halloween costume contest come Friday night.

The Harvest Moon is hosting five bands on Halloween night. And, the Downtown Merchant's Association is also showing scary movies at Phil Cannon's law office that night.

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