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Stylist opens first kid's salon

October 28, 2003

Albany- Stylists at the Hair Force have customers of all ages.

"This town has a lot of kids, but nothing specifically designed for them," says owner Sandra Clegg.

Until now. The back room at the salon has been transformed into an place where everything is designed just for kids.

"We just kind of came in here and looked back at what it'd be like to be a kid and what would be fun," explains Clegg.

That turned into the Cowlicks and Pigtails Kids Hair Room. The mini salon, with mini chairs and mini waiting room makes haircuts fun for even the smallest clients.

"I've noticed in a couple of cases with some of our children it seems to be a fun place and it seems to be designed for them so their not as apprehensive."

They've even got it stocked with special kid-friendly products.

"It's just for them, it's not just there mama's product, it's their product. Gels and mousses and lotions and each of the products has a kids from a different country on it and on the back of it it tells about their culture, so it's very educational also," says stylist Allyson Sellers.

Owners say they're offering a service no other salon in the state can match, and hope to remain on the cutting edge children's hair care.

The Hair Force has not officially opened the Cowlicks and Pigtails room, but has already had several clients.

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