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Students learn the dangers of drugs

October 28, 2003

Bainbridge - With pre-K students looking up to them, Bainbridge High School cheerleaders danced in celebration of being drug free. The students are part of a red ribbon program sponsored by the Bainbridge Housing Authority, trying to keep kids off drugs.

Housing Authority Executive Director John Lott says, "Make the kids more aware that red ribbon week is not the only week that they should be aware that drugs are a problem, it's every week. Just one day of one week, we really drill the message home, and hope that it lasts for the rest of the year."

And these kids seem to be getting the message. Student, Kyle Heard says, "If you do drugs, you'll go to jail." Classmate Clint Boyd adds, "They'll kill ya and make ya die." "No! I won't mess with them!" shouts Devin Lizotte.

Decatur County Sheriff Wiley Griffin says if parents encourage students to do well in school, and to stay off drugs, more students will be successful. "These kids don't have a chance if our parents don't do their job," says Griffin. "If the parents will do their job and will help our kids to maintain an A/B honor roll and go to college with the HOPE scholarship, you'll decrease your drugs and your alcohol devastation on the community."

A community that he hopes will one day be drug free. Red Ribbon week lasts through Friday.

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