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South Georgia man calls square dances for 50 years

October 28, 2003

Valdosta - For 76-year-old Bob Bennett, square dance calling isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life.

"My wife wanted me to try it, and I did, and it's all been history since then," said Bennett.

It's been his nightly routine at least once a week, for almost 50 straight years. "I'm at 49 and a half consecutive years right now, and no one knows of any caller in Georgia who has that record," said Bennett.

And he's not just your local, small town square dance caller. His hobby's taken him all around the globe. "We've danced in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland, Greenland," said Bennett.

Bennett credits living a long and healthy life to square dancing. "Any doctor will tell you, its the best exercise you can get," said Bennett. "You have to move every single muscle in your body, and it's just good for you."

As for how long he'll keep calling, Bennett says retirement is no where in sight.

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