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Another fatal four wheeler accident

October 27, 2003

Colquitt County - Another teenager has been killed while riding a four-wheeler. The 16-year-old was visiting her grandparents in south Georgia when the four wheeler fell on top of her. As the family mourns her death, neighbors reach out to support them.

A fatal four wheeler wreck in Colquitt County brought back bad memories for Jackie Voyles. She says, "We know what they are going through."

Voyles' grandson, 17-year-old Andy Voyles died in a car crash earlier this year. She lives on Doerun-Norman Park Road where the four wheeler crashed. Mrs. Voyles adds, "I came up on it right after the accident happened, I re-lived the anguish that we went through again."

The victim, 16-year-old Sarah Pound, is from Columbus, but was visiting her grandparents Dr. Stewart and Susan Newton. Voyle's says, "It's been quit a shock to everybody, we are all hurting."

Relatives say Sarah was very familiar with the trail at her grandparents house. She's driven it thousands of times, but this one last time she hit a dip in the road. Her four-wheeler flipped over and crushed her. Neighbors say she wouldn't have survived even if she was wearing a helmet. They are calling it a freak accident. Voyles says, "The only advice I have is take one day at a time, live for the memories you have."

Voyles also stresses faith. She's the pastor's wife of First Baptist Church of Norman Park, where the Newton's used to be members.

Sarah Pound's funeral is Tuesday in Columbus.

A month ago, five children were killed on an ATV in Coffee County. They were hit by a suspected drunk driver while riding on a two lane road.

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