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Students learn the dangers of drugs

October 27, 2003

Valdosta - First graders at W.G. Nunn Elementary know the dangers drugs can bring. "You should stay away from beer, cigarettes, and drugs because they won't make you a healthy person," said Jordan Enmon, Student.

Monday kicks off Red Ribbon Week at the school. Students and teachers are partnering together to take a stand against drug and alcohol abuse. "They really do pay attention to the lessons and remember the things they learn this week," said Peggy Carter, Teacher. "We do this every year and throughout the school year, they often refer back to things we've talked about."

Most of these students, like Angel Griffin, are only six years old. But she knows how her life can end up if she gives into peer pressure. "I will always say no if someone tries to get me to drugs and run away and call the police," said Griffin.

From wearing red clothing to decorating their halls, each day students will take part in a different anti-drug activity. Today, they pledged to "stomp" drugs and alcohol out of their lives. "We're tracing our feet, cutting them out, and pasting them out in the hall around our banner that says 'Stomp out Drugs and Alcohol'," said Carter.

The increase in crime today puts these students at a high risk for getting mixed up with a threatening crowd. But the lessons learned this week help them steer clear of the drug dangers they'll face in the future.

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